Dead Man's Farm

Is Dead Man's Farm really HAUNTED??

Paranormal Research Group Findings:

  • "We here at ETPRS have gone through all of the evidence from our investigation at Dead Man's Farm. We can now say without a doubt that Deadman's Farm does show evidence of paranormal activity."
    -E.T.P.R.S. East TN Paranormal Research Society
  • "We have had the chance to investigate the buildings and land of the farm, and based on our audio findings, we can truly say that there is evidence of unexplained paranormal phenomena within its grounds. Do your visitors dare to enter the gates to face not only the terror of the  characters they will encounter, but also perhaps some they can't see...lurking in the shadows?"
    -V.A.P.R. Vonore Area Paranormal Research
  • "We have certified Dead Man's Farm as a true haunted farm."
    -S.H.O.K. Spirit Hunters of Knoxville

Staff Paranormal Encounters:

  • "I was opening the haunt one night and I was rushing through the door flaps. As I was pushing a flap open, my hands hit a person's chest. I backed up and apologized to whoever I hit. I waited for them to come through. When no one came through the flaps, I stuck my head through to find no one else there." -Staff Member
  • "I was acting in a room and was waiting for the next guest to come through. While talking with another actor, my head nearly spun around when I felt a guest standing right next to me. But it was just a dark shadow that was moving across my vision. It freaked me out." -Haunt Actor
  • "I complained to my manager that someone was stomping on the floor above me and it was distracting during my acting. I was informed that no one had been upstairs in hours." -Haunt Actor
  • "Three nights in a row, my car was unlocked. I always lock my car and my keys were in my pocket the whole time. Every night." -Haunt Actor
  • "I hate being the last person in the haunt after we close. I won't flip the breakers off by myself because every time I do, I can feel something looking at me and standing right behind me. I have to RUN out after the breakers are flipped."-Staff Member
  • "I have run out of the back areas when I was by myself. Like, CAN'T help myself. I feel like something is right on my heels! I just RUN!" -Staff Member

There have been countless stories like these over the years...