Bludgeon Haunted House

The Bludgeon family is a murderous, twisted, inbred, backwoods family that has been plaguing the locals for decades. They may be responsible for hundreds of missing, tortured, and murdered victims. Several of the Bludgeon family members have been arrested over the years, but none were ever convicted. Unfortunately, no witnesses survived to testify against any of the family members. Some witnesses simply disappeared, others died around mysterious circumstances. Do you have what it takes to make it through the Bludgeon Family’s domain?

Take your experience to the next level! Upgrade your ticket to “Dare To Be Touched” for only $10!

Clowns of The Corn

Located next to the railroad, a passing circus train derailed next to our corn field and released a group of wild and crazed, chainsaw-wielding clowns into our corn! They have built a tiny town in the corn to make sure you never make it out! Can you make it through before they kill you?


Take your experience to the next level! Upgrade your ticket to “Dare To Be Touched” for only $10!

Special Events

Experience Dead Man’s Farm in a whole new way!

Witches Night

Date: 10/13 | 7PM – 12AM

Friday the 13th – an evening when the veil between this world and the beyond is thinnest. Second to only Halloween. The Witches have taken over Dead Man’s Farm to celebrate.

Classic Horror Night

Date: Sunday 10/22 | 7PM – 10PM

Do you have what it takes to survive a night with your favorite horror slashers? Join us for an experience like no other!

Lights Out Lantern Night

Date: Sunday 10/29 | 7PM – 10PM

The lights go OUT in the Bludgeon Haunted House. Only a tiny light source keeps the darkness at bay. Do you have what it takes to confront your fears in the shadows?

Midway Mini Attractions

Each 5-Minute Escape Room is for 4-6 guests. The rooms are horror-based but non-scare.

Bell Witch Escape

The Bell Witch has trapped you in her hut! You must solve the riddles and puzzles to escape before she reaches the door to kill you all.

Zombie Infection Escape

A zombie plague is about to be released and you will be the first victims! You must solve the puzzles to find the cure before you are turned into the undead.

Dollhouse Escape

Possessed dolls have locked you in the attic with them! You must solve the puzzles to find the key and escape before the evil spirits possess you too.

Mad Scientist Escape

The mad scientist has vanished and has taken his most evil plan with him. You must decipher the clues in his last letter to his assistant before he is lost forever.

More For You

Private Fire Pits

Your group can now reserve a private fire pit site for yourselves! Private fire pit sites accommodate 20 people max. Attendant will begin checking in guests at 7:30. Once you’ve arrived the attendant will light your fire. One bundle of firewood provided. One bench provided. Guests may bring additional seating if desired. No outside food or drink allowed. No alcohol allowed. Fire pits will be extinguished at closing time.

Food Trucks

Come hungry! Food Trucks are available every night to keep you fueled for the frights. Vendors include: Meatheadz, Kona Ice, Treats & Chill, 10-80 Roasters

Fire Performers

Performing nightly, these death defying acts are HOT! Fire breathing, fire dancing, team and solo performances on our stage in the midway! Fear and excitement that you can’t find anywhere else! Although we plan to have performances every night, fire acts are subject to weather and high winds and may cancel without notice for the safety of the performers.


Purchase one of our Farm Fresh Pumpkins! Perfect for carving your own Jack-O-Lantern, or just check out our Jack-O-Lantern displays!